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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The dreams you dream
are merely images
of a darkened soul
inflicting pain on me.
Drown your acceptance
and believe in me.
The power of love
is all I need.
The warmth of your touch
the motion, the feel
entirely of your heartbeat.
Do you love?
Are you free?
Can you let go of
all those secluded worries?
I love your compassion
I can hear your heart beat for another,
to love you like I do.
Why won't you realize
my love is for you
I understand you want to leave
and I will release you.
But let it be known
it was only Love for you
I have ever shown

SUARA HATI : Ririn..menerima hakikah dalam sebuah kehidupan amatlah perit tapi kadang-kadang kepahitan mengajar kita menjadi lebih dewasa.tabahlah harungi kehidupan yang masih panjang terbentang dihadapanmu.

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